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Opera Singer, Germany

Opera Singer, Australia

Actor, United Kingdom

Actor & Voice Over Artist, Australia

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Actor & Creative, United Kingdom

Actor, Australia


Opera Singer, Australia

I initially signed up for performance coaching with Cailin because I wanted to find greater clarity in my preparation and performance practise as a professional opera singer working internationally. What I found when we started working together was that Cailin has a wonderful ability to ask exactly the right questions to get me thinking about what I need to do to be the best performer I can be. She was calm, clear and concise in her approach and was nothing but the consummate professional. As a result, I gained a whole new understanding of my mental process pre-performance and in turn, gave the best performances on any stage to date! I would recommend Cailin's coaching to anyone who wants to get to know themselves as a performer better. Anyone who wants to be their most authentic self on a stage for an audience to appreciate

Opera Singer, Switzerland

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Opera Singer, Australia

It wouldn’t be hyperbole to say that Cailin has changed my life. After a very rough patch in the industry, I never thought I’d return to the Arts. After only a few sessions with Cailin I can honestly say that my attitude and outlook have completely changed. She has revolutionised the way I see myself and my work as a creative and has given me the tools to help mitigate any self-sabotage I may be capable of. Her approach to coaching is genuine and you feel as though her interest in you and your work is authentic. In Cailin I have found the support I didn’t even know that I needed and I would highly recommend her services to anyone who wants to unlock their potential as an artist.

Theatre Director, Australia

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Post-pandemic and after having a baby, I found I had many questions and insecurities regarding my career as a performing artist. My coaching sessions with Cailin over the course of a few months helped clear and organise my thoughts and goals. Cailin was very helpful, insightful and compassionate. Among other things, we worked on practising habits, defining goals, visualisation techniques and building confidence to get out there and try new things. Thanks to Cailin, I was able to get back into singing, auditions, and, already, I'm working again! I would recommend Cailin to anyone building their career in the performing arts!

Opera Singer, United States

Opera Singer & Shadow Puppetry Artist

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Opera and Musical Theatre Performer

The results of the sessions with Cailin over a period of just a few months completely exceeded my expectations. The positive effects our work together had and continues to have on my stage performances, confidence, well-being and focus in general are tremendous and I’m truly overjoyed. Cailin is fantastic to work with; lovely, personable and positive, whilst also being impeccably organized and structured in her approach. I discovered so much about myself and my strengths, which has really empowered me to put myself out into the world knowing exactly who I am and what I have to offer!...

...The work was goal-oriented and absolutely focussed on the aspects that I’d asked to concentrate on. Cailin was fantastic with sending through relevant, fascinating reading-material to further my growth between sessions, as well as being great at staying in contact via email. Cailin has the perfect balance of psychological learning mixed with insight from her own experiences as a performer. It’s the ideal combination. Couldn’t recommend working with her more highly - just do it! 

Opera Singer, Germany




Opera Singer


Cailin is a fountain of information & knows how to relate it to you, to coach you on your own journey. She provides insights into the artist’s psyche with practical ways to improve your own practise with heaps of relevant information based on current research. She’s very generous with her time and sharing her experiences. I learnt a lot about myself and the other participants were really interesting. I’m very glad I signed up for the course and would highly recommend it. Thanks Cailin!



Singer & Musicologist Slovenia

I signed up to Cailin’s course because I was convinced by the systematic approach to smaller areas of performer's work and by the fact that the seemingly "insurmountable skyscraper" of being a performer was divided into simpler and achievable units. I liked the mixture of the individual and group work and also the stress on the individual goals that one focused on during the course. Cailin has given us a lot of things to think about and many resources, and she always explained things to every person individually if necessary, and was very supportive with everyone.

I believe I have gained a lot of confidence and a deeper insight into my strengths and growth areas, and also into my background as a performer. I would definitely recommend the course to all performers - actually to anybody who has to deal with anything "performative" or "creative" in their life. Cailin provides the information and tools necessary to build a strong foundation upon which to build a career in the industry. Thank you, Cailin.





I’d recommend this course to any artist who is somehow struggling with any of the many aspects of the process of performing. Cailin is able to break them down, and turn them into small steps you can easily take and incorporate them into your daily routine, making them become a healthy habit; that’s what I liked the most about the course. Plus, not only is she incredibly prepared, but also a lovely person, who sincerely takes her clients’ struggles at heart.



Singer & Writer


Cailin has created a course that I would consider to be essential to artists of all disciplines. The course provides current, evidence-based information and experiences that improve all aspects of the artist's practice and psyche. Cailin is very generous in offering her experience, knowledge and time and is kind, fun and respectful as a facilitator. This course is the real deal, and will help you to grow as an artist, performer and person. I can't recommend it highly enough.


Opera Singer & Teacher


If you are ready to be guided to success Cailin, at The Performer's Edge, is ready with her time, research, and personal experience. I was fortunate enough to participate in Performance Dynamics, her inspiring course on performance psychology within the arts. I met wonderful people in my field and was constantly in awe of how Cailin brought each of us out of our shell and into action.





The Performer's Edge is amazing. I can not thank Cailin enough for helping me to see and understand how important it is to train your mind, thoughts and feelings to help you with your practice and performance of your craft. I've always wondered why performers weren't taught the same mindset techniques as professional athletes but now you can and I highly recommend  the Performance Dynamics course to take your creative pursuit to the next level.



Opera Singer


This course is definitely the best thing any perfomer could get. Cailin teaches you how to set up goals, how to practice efficientlly and even how to do your best when performing. She shows you importance of mindset and finding your purpose in order to stay motivated. She also offers you great ways how to deal with anxiety problems. I would recomend this course to anyone struggling or just wanting to be better version of himself.

Because of Cailin I am completely transformed person and I can't thank her enough!



Musical Theatre


Cailin shares incredible and life-changing resources through her Performance Dynamics course. I essentially describe the experience to friends as "performance psychology". We were given tools to analyse behaviour patterns, were shown methods from current research that yield the greatest growth and success, and were guided on how to actively make these behaviours a part of our every day lives - all the while managing the mental hurdles involved.

Cailin's insight on mindset has been something I've brought into my life outside of being a performer, and I will be forever grateful for the new perspective I have on life and how I interact with my thoughts and the world around me.

Cailin offers something that is much broader in its application than just your performance life, and I can't recommend her more highly. Do it! Your mental health will thank you (and you'll become an absolute weapon).

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Opera Singer


I recently completed Cailin's Performance Dynamics Course, and hadn't anticipated the teachings of the course to have such a profound effect on all aspects of my life! Not only do I feel more prepared for a life in operatic performance, but I actually feel more prepared to take on whatever life might throw at me! Cailin is a wonderfully kind and supportive educator, whose classes are backed up by thorough research and delivered in an engaging and supportive way. Can't recommend The Performer's Edge more highly!!



Musical Theatre


Working with Cailin was an amazing experience. Cailin tackles such a breadth of topics and is an amazing teacher. Relating her own experiences to us while also allowing us to engage with our stories of certain moments in our performing career that we wished may have been different. This is something that the industry needs right now, to be able to allow us to be kinder to ourselves and perform better. I wholeheartedly recommend Cailin’s program at The Performer's Edge, it has helped me immensely and I’m know it will help you too!





Participating in Performance Dynamics with The Performer's Edge could not have come at a more beneficial time, especially when our arts industry has dried up (mostly) for the forseeable future. Cailin's teachings allowed me to gain the mindset and ability to take back the power of my own creativity, and not rely on jobs or auditions to dictate my role as an artist. She is extremely well researched and articulate in her philosophies and in her sources, allowing the ideas of the course to be communicated really personally. They apply to so many different forms of creativity! If you need to get rid of imposter's syndrome, or to be empowered in your abilities and your potential, The Performer's Edge is for you.

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Classical Musician

The United Kingdom

In Performance Dynamics, Cailin has used her experience as a performer, her understanding of performance psychology, and her strategic approach through her experience as a management consultant to approach the psychology of performance from a unique perspective. Performance Dynamics is structured, rigorous, and offers practical tools for the application of peak performance research. 



Musical Theatre


I highly recommend The Performer’s Edge to everyone and anyone in the performing arts industry. I learnt so much through the Performance Dynamics Course, giving me tools to combat the mental hurdles of being a performer, and be the best I can be. Cailin is professional, supportive, encouraging and incredibly knowledgeable in her field. The course runs so smoothly, and is very user-friendly, with information that is engaging, thought-provoking and easily accessible. Not to mention it allowed me to connect with and meet fellow performers, who continue to inspire me (Cailin included!) If you want a fresh outlook and brilliant new mindset to set you up securely for the industry, this course is for you!



Actor & Musical Theatre


Cailin is kind, compassionate and extremely well researched on the topic of Performance Psychology. This course was the most valuable thing I took part in for myself as a performer this year. If you lack self confidence, feel like you get in your own way or aren't performing to the best of your abilities, this is the course for you. The lessons I have learnt from this course I take with me in everything I do. Spoiler alert - It's all about growth mindset! Five stars.



Actor & Creative

The United Kingdom

What an amazing resource for performers! I would highly recommend the Performance Dynamics course for any artist looking to focus, improve and develop themselves and their craft. The course covers a multitude of areas and the resources offered to you are invaluable. Over the space of a few weeks I have noticed I am more aware of my thoughts, set clearer intentions and am building new habits. I have taken so much away from the course and met some really lovely people.

Cailin is an incredible teacher and genuinely one of the kindest people you could meet. It is so reassuring to know that there are people such as Cailin who offer a platform and space for people to feel safe and supported.



Opera Singer


Signing up for Cailin's program turned out to be one of the most beneficial things I’ve done for my singing in a long time. I’ve worked a lot on the mental training part of my job but knew that I needed to find new ways to keep growing, when I came across Cailin's 2 month program.

The work we did was really eye opening and made me weed out some deep-rooted beliefs that were no longer serving me. For me, it’s not just the topics she adresses but how she combines the knowledge that is out there and helps you dig deep in facing your fears. Thanks to Cailin I’ve overcome some big hurdles and am daring greatly every day.





I went into the Performance Dynamics course with little prior knowledge and only a taste of what Cailin had shared in her free webinars. After just the first session, I was introduced completely to a world that left me with a fascination and appetite to explore.

Not only did I learn a great deal about myself as a performer - but the exercises that we were so thoughtfully guided through helped deliver me to a consciousness of my emotional intelligence and heightened mental awareness.

Throughout the entirety of the course, Cailin provided us with an environment that was welcoming, fun, friendly and filled with nothing but encouragement to allow ourselves to thrive in our own individual way.

I highly recommended signing up for one of her programs. No matter what realm of the Arts you are versed in, I guarantee that you will obtain something useful that you can apply to your everyday life.

Thanks, Cailin!



Actor & Model

The United Kingdom

Cailin's Performance Dynamics course is an excellent way to take a step back and take a look at the process and experiences performers need to go through in order to consistently perform at the best of their abilities. Breaking down a variety of topics involving, mindset, motivations and building a better understanding of oneself really helped me develop the building blocks of my practice and has helped me become a more reliable confident performer.



Actor & Singer


In a time when I really needed to reassess my life as a performing artist and my relationship with my own thoughts, Cailin’s course offered so much insight. She lead the online sessions with enthusiasm, honestly and compassion. I got to share thoughts and emotions with others in the industry from all over the world, and walked out equipped with a deeper understanding of how I can improve my mindset. Cailin creates a safe space and allows you to be honest about your experiences. She offers well-researched tools and knowledge to address issues such as negative self-talk, effective practice and anxiety.



Opera Singer


I recently finished the Performance Dynamics course with Cailin of The Performer's Edge. Now I can safely say it was the BEST investment I’ve made in myself personally and artistically in a long time.

The course presented a different aspect of performance psychology each week in a thoughtfully sequenced, highly researched and well-communicated matter. Now have a huge toolbox of resources and information to refer to whenever I need and helping hand.

Cailin’s teaching style is so welcoming and encouraging. I got a lot out of the class community structure that was actively encouraged too. It fostered a lovely class environment that was safe and trusting to share in and a joy to be a part of each week.

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Musical Theatre Performer

I thoroughly enjoyed the Performance Dynamics course, as someone in their final year of studying theatre at a tertiary level I was hesitant to join out of fears of being too overwhelmed with study to really get the most out of the course. But it paired extremely well with my university studies, allowing me to put into practice the work that we would discuss in our group and one on one calls. I highly recommend The Performer's Edge and Cailin to anyone looking to unleash their potential, clarify their goals, and achieve longevity in their work by looking after their own mental wellbeing.

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Opera Singer

I'd highly recommend Cailin at The Performer's Edge. The eight-week Performance Dynamics course would be extremely beneficial for performers at any stage in their journey; it provides participants with useful insights and practical skills that often aren't covered at schools or institutions. The concepts taught, such as motivation, performance anxiety, and targeted practice, are also transferrable to all aspects of life, making this course a real winner.


Musical Theatre Performer

The Performance Dynamics course is one of the best investments I have made. I came into the course feeling a real lack of confidence in my abilities after some unsuccessful auditions, and after our time working together I left with a new found confidence and excitement for performing. Cailin unpacks mindset and the many different challenges we face as performers in such a helpful way, and she creates a space where everyone feels comfortable sharing their own experiences and struggles. Through the course, we set goals which truly changed the way that I approached my craft, and it has led to so much growth that has only continued now that the course ended. Not only is each session packed with insights, but Cailin provides so many resources for looking into each topic further. Cailin has so much knowledge to give, and I truly cannot thank her enough for all the heart and effort that she puts into helping performers become the best versions of themselves!


United Kingdom

I signed up for the Performance Dynamics course after taking part in the Imposter Syndrome free webinar. This course opens up the psychological reasoning behind our anxiety as performers and Cailin provides explanations, and much more importantly, the tools needed for overcoming these anxieties and being able to work with them. She is kind, empathetic, resourceful, helpful and she provided a safe space to be able to explore this often debilitating roadblock. As a performer herself, she understands the subject matter from a personal point of view.

This should absolutely be taught at drama school level.

Workshops and Presentations


Anneliese Muller
Head of Music Curriculum
Haileybury Private School

Cailin prepared a valuable presentation for my department of Music teachers who were looking at ways they can further support their students with performance anxiety. Cailin was very thorough and passionate about her knowledge of performance psychology and helped us understand what it is and what is looks like for different people, but also gave us valuable tools and strategies to help our students overcome these challenges and reframe the negative attitude towards performance ‘anxiety’ into a more positive ‘energy’. Cailin provided resources, materials and support for us as staff to be better equipped to handle the different ways our students deal with the stress of performing. We look forward to working with Cailin more and diving deeper into this important aspect of being a performer.

Richard Squibb
Director of Music
Presbyterian Ladies' College

Cailin was engaging and informative. It was great that she was able to adapt the second session she ran with our Senior Music students, based on their responses to her survey. Our students found the session on 'goal setting' and developing strategies to cope with performance anxiety, really worthwhile. I highly recommend Cailin as a valuable resource for your students and staff.

Brighton Grammar.png

Susie Heggie
Head of Music Curriculum (7-12) 
Brighton Grammar School

Cailin’s performance psychology session was personally tailored to our boys and their backgrounds and development. She established immediate rapport with the students and they felt comfortable to open up in an honest and positive way to gain the best out of the session. Her background as a performer has her ideally placed to talk firsthand about the issues students face in regards to performance preparation and achieving at a high level. The two hour session was broken up into appropriate sections, with practical advice and activities to keep everyone engaged and motivated.

Ballarat Grammar.png

Sarah Barlow
Assistant Head of Department ‑  Music
Ballarat Grammar School

Cailin worked with our performing students and teachers in two informative sessions. She was equally at home speaking to teens and teachers alike, and everyone left knowing more and feeling more empowered. The students were engaged, sharing their own experiences. Cailin incorporated what the students and the teachers were interested in, and connected well with everyone. Students used what they learned soon after in practical and meaningful ways. Cailin was an enormously helpful resource for all of our young artists, and for the teachers who teach them.


Giuliana Lombardi
Music Teacher & Co-Curricular Leader P-12
Sacré Cœur Independent Catholic Girls School 

Cailin came to speak with my VCE class and discuss performance anxiety. She was well prepared, informed and thorough. It was exceptional helpful for my students to hear and it created an open space for them to ask questions.

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