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Are you a high school teacher who wants to help your student/s get ahead?

Is your performing arts training institution looking for ways to give your students that extra 1% to help then stand out in an increasingly competitive world?

Are you and your team wanting to learn more about how to achieve your full potential as creatives? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions then my work in the area of performance psychology in the arts may be just what you're looking for. 

Increasingly, being 'talented' or technically proficient is not enough. Performer's also need to be:

  • resilient in the face of setbacks 

  • self aware 

  • growth mindset oriented

  • intrinsically motivated, and

  • able to perform under pressure

I facilitate workshops and presentations with a variety of schools and organisations to help performers achieve just that. I'm passionate about supporting creative artists to be the best versions of themselves and I know I can make a positive impact at your school or organisation.


So, if you're looking for that extra 1%, click the link below and Iet's have a conversation about how I can help you and your students achieve your goals. 

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